Clients come to Bang Creations with an idea. We nurture that idea right the way off the production line, or to the point where our clients can sell the concept to a manufacturer. Our job is to turn their… Read more >>

The New Product Development and Commercialisation workshop planned for the 25th October has been moved to 26th October Read more >>

Bang's popular Plan, Prototype or Protect? new product development workshop held at the British Library continues to be a success and is becoming ever more popular. Read more >>

“Patent Box” is to be introduced next year enabling companies to reduce corporation tax to profits attributable to EU patents. Read more >>

Bang is joining forces with the IPO and UKTI to host a full-day workshop on intellectual property, patent protection, product development, licensing and commercialisation Read more >>

Bang's product development workshops continue running into 2013 Read more >>

Bang's new product development & commercialisation event is only a few days away Read more >>

Bang has been invited to be an expert mentor at new product development, commercialisation and business development event Read more >>

Bang Creations has been asked by MAS to host a full-day new product design and development workshop. Read more >>

Bang is delighted to announce the soft launch of its sparkling new website. Read more >>