Product design and innovation are our true passions. We specialise in applying design and marketing knowhow to turn innovative ideas into commercial products.

We have many years’ experience of taking ideas and turning them into realistic, workable and marketable designs. One of the key aspects of the new product design process is looking at an idea from different perspectives. To do this we may brainstorm to create as many alternative solutions as possible before viewing each through the eyes of the consumer.

It’s also essential to test that the concept really addresses the needs of the target market and makes the most of the business opportunity. We can help you do this.


As designers, we focus not only on answering the brief but also providing an element of novelty or unique functionality that suits the target market and sets a product apart from its competition. We call this adding the ‘bang’ – that little something that turns a good product into a great one and makes it stand out in the marketplace.

We’ll develop a preferred design concept for your approval to give you a realistic idea of how it might work, look and feel. We’ll also be able to advise you on how it could be made for the target cost.

If you haven’t already secured the relevant patent, copyright and trademark protection for your design we can help you do so at this stage. 

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NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND MANUFACTURE: Taking a Dragons’ Den business’s next product from product conception and design through to licensing and production.

PRODUCT DESIGN & INNOVATION: Creating innovative laptop security device, including invention, design, patenting, manufacture, production and branding, increasing sales ten-fold.

DESIGN, ENGINEERING AND MARKETING: Market research, rebranding and redesign for a luxury sun lounger, resulting in international interest.

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Creating, designing and manufacturing a car safe that combines market-leading style, space and security.

NEW PRODUCT INVENTION AND DESIGN: Creating a new concept in seating – a complete project from invention and design through to manufacture, branding and distribution.

NEW PRODUCT INVENTION: Inventing a unique and award-winning hobby toy that has been licensed many times and has sold over 500k units.

PRODUCT DESIGN AND INNOVATION: A toy development project, from initial concept to boxed product, gaining pre-orders of a million units.

DESIGN AND PROTOTYPING SERVICES: Creating and prototyping a unique and functional multi-faceted babygrow.

DESIGN AND BRAND EXTENSION: Creating and developing a characterful baby wipe holder to complement, extend and build recognition for an existing brand.

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Developing an innovative electronic game from an initial concept, prototyping then creating a finished, branded design with interactive content.

PRODUCT DESIGN AND INNOVATION: Inventing, producing and packaging a game, delivering to cost then achieving sales of 300k units within six months.

PRODUCT DESIGN AND ENGINEERING: Creating, developing, engineering, registering and branding an innovative shot cup design.

PRODUCT INVENTION AND PROTOTYPING: Inventing, designing, developing and prototyping a range of products associated with a children's book.

CHARGING THE WAY FORWARD FOR CAMPING STOVES Helping Spencer take his concept from idea to manufacturing – with some financial help from Peter Jones the Dragon.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE Adding a more innovative and elegant style to posture improving workplace furniture.


PRODUCT DESIGN & INNOVATION: Creating an eye catching waste bin that seals to prevent waste from catching fire. To appeal to architects and interior specifiers looking for waste disposal in public areas like airports.

PRODUCT DESIGN & INNOVATION: Re-inventing the humble glasses case. BOB is a case for your glasses and devices and your bits 'n' bobs