Before getting a product manufactured and attempting to launch it onto the market it’s essential to assess its chances of success. We call this concept validation.

Whether you’ve just got the gem of an idea or already have a working prototype, we’ll objectively and constructively review, question and challenge it. The aim is to check that it accurately addresses and fulfils the required design criteria and the needs of your target market.

Testing your product idea is an essential process to go through. It also helps us ensure that we only commit to working on projects where there’s a real chance of a successful outcome, making working with us an investment rather than a cost.


Our experience has shown us that it’s important to think about intellectual property rights – patents and copyright – early on, but only protect your idea when you’re 100% ready to do so.

We can provide patent advice from our own experience of taking products to market. We can also help you identify whether (and when) it’s sensible to patent an idea or apply for an alternative form of legal protection, such as a registering a trademark or design.

We’re not patent attorneys so we can’t help you make an application for a patent or registration, however we can connect you with appropriate legal professionals in our network.

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NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND MANUFACTURE: Taking a Dragons’ Den business’s next product from product conception and design through to licensing and production.

PRODUCT DESIGN & INNOVATION: Creating innovative laptop security device, including invention, design, patenting, manufacture, production and branding, increasing sales ten-fold.

DESIGN, ENGINEERING AND MARKETING: Market research, rebranding and redesign for a luxury sun lounger, resulting in international interest.

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Creating, designing and manufacturing a car safe that combines market-leading style, space and security.

NEW PRODUCT INVENTION AND DESIGN: Creating a new concept in seating – a complete project from invention and design through to manufacture, branding and distribution.

NEW PRODUCT INVENTION: Inventing a unique and award-winning hobby toy that has been licensed many times and has sold over 500k units.

PRODUCT DESIGN AND INNOVATION: A toy development project, from initial concept to boxed product, gaining pre-orders of a million units.

DESIGN AND PROTOTYPING SERVICES: Creating and prototyping a unique and functional multi-faceted babygrow.

DESIGN AND BRAND EXTENSION: Creating and developing a characterful baby wipe holder to complement, extend and build recognition for an existing brand.

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Developing an innovative electronic game from an initial concept, prototyping then creating a finished, branded design with interactive content.

PRODUCT DESIGN AND INNOVATION: Inventing, producing and packaging a game, delivering to cost then achieving sales of 300k units within six months.

PRODUCT DESIGN AND ENGINEERING: Creating, developing, engineering, registering and branding an innovative shot cup design.

PRODUCT INVENTION AND PROTOTYPING: Inventing, designing, developing and prototyping a range of products associated with a children's book.

PRODUCT DESIGN AND INNOVATION We invented a way of measuring how fast a football travelled, enabling our client to launch a product under the Michael Owen brand.

CHARGING THE WAY FORWARD FOR CAMPING STOVES Helping Spencer take his concept from idea to manufacturing – with some financial help from Peter Jones the Dragon.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE Adding a more innovative and elegant style to posture improving workplace furniture.


PRODUCT DESIGN & INNOVATION: Creating an eye catching waste bin that seals to prevent waste from catching fire. To appeal to architects and interior specifiers looking for waste disposal in public areas like airports.

PRODUCT DESIGN & INNOVATION: Re-inventing the humble glasses case. BOB is a case for your glasses and devices and your bits 'n' bobs