Standing room only at Southern Manufacturing 2013

Bang hosted two great new product development & design workshops at Southern Manufacturing this year - both were standing room only

Having been the second most popular speaker at last year's event, Stefan Knox, Bang's Founding Director, was invited back by the organisers to talk again at this year's Southern Manufacturing & Electronics bigger than ever event.

Stefan hosted two sessions: 'Designing for Commercial Success' and 'What makes good design and generating great ideas'.

The first addressed the key issues to consider in designing and developing commercially successful and innovative new products with a range of related, new product development cases studies.

The second challenged the attentive audience to consider what limits their creativity and how to liberate and develop their creative thinking.  Stefan also illustrated ways of encouraging and generating creative ideas consistently, both as an individual and as a team. 

With standing room only, well over 100 people attended each talk and feedback was excellent.