Bang Creations approached by CNN

Bang Creations has been approached by CNN, one of the world's largest news corporations, to comment on how to get a new product to market

Alan Ward, Bang Creations' Commercial Director, was invited to contribute to the CNN article focusing on how to get an invention or product to market within their 'Advice to Inventors' column.

"We were flattered to be approached by a CNN journalist to contribute to an article, particularly on such an important subject.

Inventing and new product development are becoming more popular in the UK and US markets and it is easy to make mistakes and spend a lot of money in the process.

It is also difficult for specialists such as ourselves to provide solid, objective advice to enough people to help inform the market and make a difference in a cost-effective manner.  This is clearly something an organisation the size and quality of CNN can do readily offering considered opinion and editorial to a far-reaching and diverse audience.

The more people who become informed and well versed in the invention and new product development process the less costly mistakes will be made and more success will be had.  

Bang is always pleased to contribute to this area, if we are only able to in a small way, and we thank and commend CNN for their support and effort in this space."