Intellectual Property, Patent and Product Development Workshop

Bang is joining forces with the IPO and UKTI to host a full-day workshop on intellectual property, patent protection, product development, licensing and commercialisation

Bang Creations is delighted to be able to work with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and the UKTI to host a new, full-day, IP, licensing and product development workshop.

It is open to all businesses (and notably those involved in the UKTI popular and successful Passport to Export and Gateway to Global Growth) who are planning to develop and export product.

The aim will be to provide detailed and practical knowledge and advice on all aspects of IP and product development from concept to the domestic and international customer.

When: 16th October 2012

Where: Gatwick area

How much: £120.00 (50% discount available for UKTI Passport & Gateway businesses)

Further information: see Events or the UKTI website (to book)