Monthly innovators workshops

Following the success of its first workshop in December last year hosted by the British Library's, Business & IP Centre, Bang is pleased to announce that these events are now to be repeated on a monthly basis.

The workshop, titled 'What next for your invention - plan, prototype or protect?' proved a great success last year with over 95% of attendees reporting it as good or excellent.  The Centre feels that it fills a gap in their programme and complements the range of other popular entrepreneurial and business workshops they currently host. 

The aim is to inform, inspire and support early-stage businesses or individuals involved or interested in designing, developing and launching a product (or an equivalent).  The primary areas of focus will be planning, researching and establishing a market and how this information and related issues influence the design of the product(s) and supporting business.

London IP have also kindly agreed to support the event and will help consider the value of intellectual property, with particular focus on patents and trade marks and cover why, what, if, when and when to protect an idea.  

The workshops are likely to be 4-hours in duration and held the first or second Thursday in the month at the British Library's Business & IP Centre, Kings Cross, London.  The first one is planned to start in March. 

To see further information or to book a place please see Eventbrite.