Bang is delighted to announce that it has yet again been asked to support the Intellectual Property Office and the British Library to talk about product design, development, intellectual property and product commercialisation.

Stefan Knox, Bang's Founding Director commented "Product development and commercialistion is a fantastic journey that can deliver significant rewards. However, it is also a tough task that is easy to get wrong."

"Over the years Bang has designed and developed many products both for itself and for its clients. In whatever industry and whether for a business or an individual we have learnt that the key is innovation not invention ie ensuring the product is marketable rather than makeable and to establish this as early as possible in the process."

'This the key message we will seek to impart. We also plan to cover:

_The importance of 'commercial' product design.
_Seeking the right advice at the right time.
_The value of intellectual property and what and when to protect your idea.
_The lessons we have learnt over the past 10 years taking designing, developing and commercialising products.

The event is from 18.00–21.00 on 27th February, is free to attend and is being held at the British Library's impressive conference centre in King's Cross, London. For further information visit see the British Library's website or Eventbrite.