Bang Creations received a very warm reception in a very chilly Iceland after Stefan Knox was asked to present on commercial product design to the European Union Women's Inventor and Innovator Network (EUWIIN) recently.

The key message of the presentation was that invention alone is very unlikely to get a product to market without adding product innovation.  Stefan went on to explain that the product needs to quickly and clearly communicate to its potential user:

- It's use
- What is unique
- Why they would want one

Stefan stressed that it is important to 'think commercial' in product design and development, and that "it is only by considering such market and commercial aspects, that a product can evolve to become truly marketable."  He illustrated this by using 'LoJo Ball' a real product he took to market himself.

He explained that "it only became an international success once I clearly defined the target market and communicated to them through the product branding."

Stefan was allowed to over run his allotted time enabling delegates to ask a range of detailed questions.

Feedback was strong and positive.  Many of the ladies were gracious enough to write to express their thanks.  Comment included “This is just to thank you very much for your very enlightening presentation. It was straight to the point and I believe an eye opener for many of the women."

Bola Olabisi, the Founder and Organiser of the EUWIIN (and GWIIN) confirmed that "emails are still pouring in of positive feedback and admiration for the event from the delegates. I believe many found it to be a memorable and worthwhile occasion and I believe it was mainly because of the crucial role you and other Guest Speakers played."