Stefan Knox and Alan Ward of Bang Creations present to the regional team of Beer & Partners, one of the UK's leading sources of Venture Capital (VC) and Business Angel Investment for growing SME businesses.

Alan Ward, Bangs' Commercial Director said: "one of the biggest issues for individuals and businesses looking to develop and commercialise a product is access to finance.  Beer & Partners is one of the UK's best at sourcing VC and Business Angel finance and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with them.  We have no doubt that their services will help our clients and we are really hopeful that we will be able to use our combined expertise to help young and growing product based businesses to truly realise their commercial potential."

Michael Weaver, the CEO of Beer & Partners commented on why adequate levels of finance is so important for growing businesses and why commercial design helps in acquiring it: "Too many companies fail because they are insufficiently funded. They cannot afford to get quality advice and support in the early stage of their development and often half way down the road run out of money and fail, because all of their attention is focused on desperate cash management, rather than taking the business forward. Obviously companies need to operate on a shoestring, but if your shoes are too tight, you cannot walk.

"In today’s economic environment it is very difficult to attract funding. It was always the case that only the best companies with a good management team and sensible valuations would attract investment but in current times investors are ever more discerning and look for more.  Good, even great ideas are ten-a-penny.  Any company who has developed a well-designed product, at a realistic cost, identified their market and proven the pricing points, will stand a good chance of raising finance to fund their route to market.

"Business angels have an appetite to invest and support early stage businesses who have a good management team, a sensible valuation and a coherent worked up business strategy."