How creativity can transform your business

To inspire you and your team to make ideas happen

What: ‘How creativity can transform your business’ half-day workshop

When: Tuesday 3rd December, 1-5pm

Where: Leepeckgroup, 17 Carlton Crescent, Southampton, SO15 2ES

Cost: £50 including VAT

To attend: Please RSVP to Jasmine on 02380 63 22 11 or by email to jasmine@leepeckgroup.com.

Are you looking for the inspiration to drive your business forward? Do you want to broaden your team’s creativity? More importantly, do you want your team’s creativity to result in innovative solutions? If so, this workshop is for you.

This interactive half-day workshop not only aims to help business leaders and their teams think more creatively, but also to develop key problem solving skills that will help motivate them to make their ideas come to life.

Hosted by Stefan Knox, an award winning product designer and founder of innovation agency Bang Creations, the workshop will offer specialist advice on the vital aspects needed to create effective ideas.

This workshop is not to be missed, if you want to:

- Break the barriers that may be blocking your creativity

- Explore new techniques of thinking around a problem

- Learn about the application of innovation

- Explore the secrets of good design in products and services

- Kick start your ‘innovation team’ and development process

Stefan Knox: “Nowadays everyone talks of being innovative, creative, and inventive. Successful businesses have always been so, but more importantly they know how to be. There is a structure to generating good ideas, which in turn can produce a unique product or service, if it is delivered correctly by the rest of the business. The first time I worked in such a structure was with Action Man - remember him? We generated in excess of 10 ideas a week, which actually resulted in a product line of around 30 items a year and produced £250+m a year.

To create new ideas every day is challenging, but it is also great fun. However it becomes completely ineffective, if they cannot be developed and taken further. The majority of good ideas that do not get implemented, and therefore do not make it to market, have not had enough teamwork and thought spent on them. Thomas Edison famously said "genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration". I do not call myself a genius, but I relate to the percentage split. As a product inventor for businesses, I not only have to ensure that we produce the best ideas, but that we also continue to be innovative in their delivery. At this workshop, I aim to share with you the ways in which we can generate ideas and the methods that will help them to materialise. The greatest part of doing what I do for a living: it is fun.”

The workshop will be held on Tuesday 3 December from 1-5pm at the Leepeckgroup offices, 17 Carlton Crescent, Southampton. Places are limited and are priced at £50 (inc VAT) per person. For more details and to book please call Jasmine on 02380 63 22 11 or email jasmine@leepeckgroup.com.